A Prayer for #Biblefresh?

What excites a number of Christian and church leaders about Biblefresh in 2011? See their passion for the subject, and be inspired to contribute in your own way…

What is your prayer for Biblefresh? from krish kandiah on Vimeo. Taken from the Biblefresh News Stream.

Note that CODEC’s own Pete Phillips can be found at 4.30, and gives us a clue as to where the vision for this project has emerged from: “Instead of a dusty book we leave on the shelf, we want to see people grasping it down from the shelf or getting it onto their or computer, or downloading it onto their iPhone and will be avidly reading it, taking the Word of God into their lives, seeing how much it can bring life to them, feeding on the Word of God and not just letting it lie as a dusty book on the shelf.” I’m sure if this video had been recorded later Pete would have mentioned the iPad in there too…

Alongside other projects in development, it is a prayer of this website that we can highlight the best of New Media to increase engagement with the Bible wherever and whenever!

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