Housegroups for Biblical Illiteracy

Authors: Steve & Mandy Briars
Title: Homegroups: The Authentic Guide

In this practical guide to running a homegroup, the Briars clearly lay out a number of reasons for homegroups.

What is the purpose of homegroups?
Homegroups are identified as spaces where believers can be nurtured in their faith, because ‘as we grow in our faith, we will naturally want to share what we believe with others’. Community, fellowship and friendship are core to the purpose of homegroups, but they are also key for Biblical literacy:

Biblical Illiteracy?
“We are rapidly becoming an illiterate biblical culture, where our knowledge of what is new and hot in the latest Christian praise and worship songs is often greater than our knowledge of God’s word. It is difficult to unpack the reasons why this has happened, but it is something we cannot deny. Generally, the level of biblical knowledge for many Christians is now fairly basic and fewer and fewer people are reading the Bible on a daily basis.” Homegroups do not provide a panacea, but “homegroups are possibly the only place where some Christians regularly read their Bibles and have the opportunity to talk about how they can apply its truths”. (p. 20)

What does this mean for The BIGBible Project?
The Big Read 2011 is under planning for Lent 2011. Housegroup materials are in preparation, and the activities proposed will identify opportunities for online engagement, both for those already members of a church-based housegroup, and coming together, making the most of the technology to create a space to work as a large online housegroup.

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Do you have practical advice?

Further information and advice on housegroups can be found on the website:, and in the forums The forum is where we would welcome tips & tricks from experienced housegroup leaders on topics such as, how to set up a housegroup, how to keep the conversation going, etc.

See for materials for The Big Read 2011, and specifically to advertise the course.

See also EA Resources on… Small Groups.

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