Day 1 // The Bible in One Year @soulsurvivorgb

Soul Survivor/Momentum’s plan for reading the Bible in One Year starts today with readings from Genesis, Matthew and the Psalms:

A Taster from Today:
“We probably already know that God created everything, but how often do we pause, even for 30 seconds, to think about how astonishing this? Everything – from nothing – with just a word…

This passage shows us God designed us the way we are. You’re not a mistake. God said let there be light, and there was light. He said let there be Andy and there was Andy, let there be Emma and there was Emma. Just as God looks at creation and thinks it’s good so too he looks at you and thinks you’re pretty great. We can enjoy his pleasure over us… in the same way we enjoy it when our parents or mates tell us we’re great.”

The Blog: A Space to Reflect
Soul Survivor have also set up a blog: “We’re hoping that this blog will be a space for us all to share our thoughts, questions, inspirations and challenges as we read The Bible in One Year together!”

Who is this for?
The readings and thoughts are particularly targeted at ‘young people and younger adults’, although that doesn’t stop ‘the young at heart’ from joining in. Today’s entry is off to a good start, with 272 comments from those enthusiastically commencing their Bible reading.


What value does this have?
In Biblical terms, we all know that the more we understand the Bible, the more that we can live God’s way. In community terms, new media allows groups to reflect together, share thoughts, and be exposed to a wider understanding of the text from many different perspectives, and allows a certain amount of accountability, keeping people on track together.

Matthew for Everyone?
If your church is in discussions as to what to focus upon for Lent, #Biblefresh will be promoting ‘The Big Read‘, using ‘Matthew for Everyone‘ for 2011. This will be a great opportunity for individuals and churches across the country to partake in a housegroup across the nation, with a layer of new media on top, allowing sharing of thoughts, insights and creative responses… we look forward to your participation!

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