A blog from Burkina Faso

Phil Prior, Head of Marketing and Communications for Wycliffe Bible Translators has just arrived back from an investigative trip to Burkina Faso for Biblefresh.  Here is a taste of his experience.

‘Well, this has been a rather hectic week.

Last Friday morning I left the UK and flew to Burkina Faso with a journalist and a photographer to visit a couple of language groups in the Bissa region of the country. Two flights and a three hour car journey later, we were meeting pastors and church leaders who, as yet, preach to a congregation from a Bible in a language that most don’t understand.

All the heat and passion of an African church service is there, but with only about 10% of the population understanding French it’s a real struggle to teach. Even the pastors are saying that they have to use two or three different language versions of the Bible to get even a partial understanding of what the real meaning is.

The highlight of the trip has been visiting local people in their homes and hearing about their lives and how they have come to know God, despite the difficulties.

The stories we have heard, the video that has been shot and the photographs that have been taken, will all be shared with Christians in the UK through Biblefresh. It’s hoped that we will be able to encourage the church at home to support the church here in Burkina Faso and help the thousands of people in the Bissa region hear of God in their own language.

For me, I fly home tomorrow night in time to preach on Sunday morning in the language that I have spoken since I was a child. It really puts a whole new perspective on things.’

Phil Prior, Wycliffe Bible Translators

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