Heidi Campbell, When Religion Meets New Media #cnmac10

Heidi Campbell describes herself on her blog “When Religion Meets New Media“, as “(aka Soup Twin-1) is an American transplant to Scotland for almost a decade, and who was uprooted in 2005 and re-planted in the foreign land of Texas. When she is not teaching Media Studies in Aggieland she can be found in many places around the world researching on religion, new media and spiritual meaning-making in contemporary society.”

Heidi, from Texas A&M University, will be presenting the sessions “What’s all the fuss it’s only the web” and “Homo Connectivus” at the Christian New Media Conference this Saturday, and we thought we’d give you a taster from one of her blogs:

Can an Online Community Be a Church?”, August 2010

“The criteria for what makes a church is not cut and dry. The IRS states that the entity must have a recognized creed and form of worship; a formal code of doctrine and discipline; a membership not associated with any other church or denomination; ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed studies; and holds regular religious services.While an online or cyber-church can arguably have many or most of these characteristics they still hold “electronic ministry” does not fit the criteria (see summary at Law.com).

The official court ruling is meant to crack down of online entities collecting money for bogus purposes and organization, however this also a huge ideological impact on the nature and definition of religion online.”

Right of Reply

Another of Heidi’s blog posts “Is Apple Really a Religion? and dealing with the aftermath of being misquoted by Fox News” demonstrates both the power of old media (Fox, whether online or offline, is a powerful old media brand), and the right of reply that author’s can claim for themselves, although ensuring it is widely read is another art altogether.

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