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Nearly a week after #cnmac10, and the buzz continues to circulate (online, and offline too as far as I know!) – to the right are the latest results from Twitter under the hashtag.

What is “Buzz”?

Buzz is a term used in word-of-mouth marketing (check out WOMMA). For this event, those who attended the event (whether physically or via Twitter!) created a ‘buzz’ before, during, and continue to do so after the event. This has served as ‘social amplification’ to the original message, enabled those outside the event to join in discussions (next year we plan to allow more time and therefore space for taking, e.g. questions from Twitter), and enabled the organisers to make a decision to run the event again next year (maximum 379 spaces, all with wi-fi, so look out for it!).

“Some describe buzz as a form of hype among consumers, a vague but positive association, excitement, or anticipation about a product or service. Positive “buzz” is often a goal of viral marketing, public relations, and of advertising on Web 2.0 media. The term refers both to the execution of the marketing technique, and the resulting goodwill that is created. Examples of products with strong marketing buzz upon introduction were Harry Potter, the Volkswagen New Beetle, Pokémon, Beanie Babies, and the Blair Witch Project.” [Wikipedia]

What happens to #cnmac10 buzz?

Please continue to add links to your blogs and other online material via this entry on the #bigbible site, and we can look at your explicit and implicit feedback as we plan for #cnmac11!

Twapperkeeper continues to keep a record of Tweets which use the hashtag #cnmac10.

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