Prezi – The Zooming Presentation Tool

At the #cnmac10 conference today, there will be a number of people using Prezi. We talked to Terry Urbanczyk about why he enjoys using the tool.

“Prezi for me is a fantastic tool which totally transforms the way I can present any idea, whether at work or preaching at Church. Prezi invigorates and brings a lively touch to presentations as a whole and as you can save to desktop, you can use anywhere and at anytime and it means you have a new, fresh option other than other old, tired and boring tools.”

“As Prezi is a canvas you have loads of room to get your ideas down and instead of the usual frame by frame view, with Prezi you can have an overview as well as zoom right into sub headings and frames. Please, take a look and try it out, as you can see you can be so creative with your ideas and upload images and sound.”

Bex Lewis runs a Prezi workshop (click here to learn how to use it).

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