Interview with @RichardLittleda #cnmac10

Richard Littledale receiving his runner-up award at the Christian New Media Awards

Thanks to Dave Rose (Premier Radio) for taking my original questions and building an excellent interview with Richard Littledale, who was runner up in ‘Most Inspiring Leadership Blog’ at the 2010 Christian New Media Awards.

Find the Audio file on Dropbox (recorded 19th October) [MP3, 1065MB].

An overview of the type of questions asked:

  • How would you summarise your background, life and faith?
  • As a Pastor, a large part of your role is about communicating with your congregation, but also reaching out to a wider audience. When did your attention turn to online communication, and how does online fit in with your other methods of communication? Did the timing tie in with the publication of ‘The Preachers A-Z’?
  • You set up your blog just over a year ago, on October 6th 2009? Love the way you introduced it: “Why should preaching all be one way?  Perhaps this blog can encourage all of us preachers to be a little less afraid of feedback and a little more keen on post-Sunday interaction.” How long has it taken to gain the interaction that you have desired?
  • Last week, you took a break from Twitter, to fit in with other sorts of fasting within your church. How did that feel, and would you want to do it again? Did you gain anything noticeable from it?
  • How do you feel about being nominated for ‘Best Leadership Blog’ at the Christian New Media awards?
  • Have you found, as Problogger suggests, that writing a blog post is very much like writing a sermon? How do you choose what you blog about?
  • Do you see online media as significant? Would you go so far as to describe it as a mission field?  So what do we need to do to be ready to be out there?
  • What would be your top tip for someone looking to get online? What tools would you recommend they try?
  • What tools do you use (online or offline) to engage with the Bible (this includes which Bible version(s)) you use)? Which would you recommend as first steps to help those who see engaging with the Bible just too hard?
  • Finally, you are also the man behind @chatbible, which you describe as a ‘Twitter experiment’ – what does that involve, and how has that been going? How can others join in?

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