Advent Projects Starting Today, including @natwivity @beachhutno1 @vahva

Advent officially started on Sunday, and here’s a great video highlighted by Nick Baines:

There’s a number of Advent projects starting today, so what are you going to get involved in? Here’s a few we’re already aware of, love to hear of more…

Natwivity: A Nativity Play for the Internet Generation

We spoke about the Natwivity back in October, but as a reminder:

“The Natwivity takes advantage of social media’s unparalleled capacity to engage people as they go about their everyday life to re-tell the Christmas story in a fresh, personal way. It is possible to follow on Twitter and Facebook and you’ll be able to pick up the ‘tweets’ at home, in the high street on your phone and at work.

It will provide a unique, immediate, real-life feel, where you’ll be able to read Mary’s angst as she tries to come to terms with the birth of her child, hear from the stunned shepherds after their encounter with an angel and more…”

Follow Natwivity:

@Chatbible will also be engaging with Natwivity, if you fancy a few more in-depth theological discussions, triggered by the story. See full information.

Bridlington Advent Beach Huts

I spotted this (much more localised) project last year, and thought what a creative way to get people involved! The project first started last year and was a great success. The organisers take a beach at on the Southside in Bridlington and every night from the first to 24 December between 6 PM and 7 PM create a giant life-size Advent calendar using the gifts and talents of local people and organisations to retell the famous story in a new, fun and fresh way.

The full programme is listed here, and they can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Much better than some cheap chocolate eh?

* Project originally started by Beyond in Brighton, who are running their beach huts again too.

Bryony’s Advent-ure Calendar

I use the brilliant and free YouVersion bible app on my iphone but I haven’t yet used one of their reading plans, so I decided to choose a reading plan for Advent. In the past I would have jotted my thoughts down in a prayer journal but now I can use a blog and share my thoughts with the world! The great thing about a blog is that I can post other things like videos and images and also friends and people from around the world can share their thoughts too. Hopefully we can all learn together a little bit more about the great mystery that is the Incarnation.

I’ve called my blog ‘Bryony’s Advent-ure Calendar’ (see what I did there?!) and I’m looking forward to sharing my advent journey with you! There will be a new post every day of Advent starting 1st Dec. This will automatically post to my Twitter account too @vahva.

Pam’s Perambulation

Pam is a Methodist Minister, but not currently able to work in “active ministry” because of chronic illness, however she appears to be undertaking great ‘active ministry’ as she engages online with the lectionary, and is developing an advent theme…

What else can you tell us about?

What other advent projects, #hastags, etc. have you spotted which are making use of online media. Add a  link in the comments field, or feel free to submit a whole blog entry demonstrating your plans or what you did!

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