Interview with @danblythe #cnmac10

Can you give us a bit of background into the project that has been nominated?  When was it established, what was the commission/what’s its overall goal? was created to talk about some key aspects of GRACE. It has now developed and now tackles topics like relationships, gossip and general life situations. It was started in 2009 as the clothing label Saved by Grace Clothing ( started having a ministry side to the company.

What’s the best good  news story that has come out of your site – what made you punch the air in joy?

I know it is bias but it would have to be the one about my wedding. I write about what it means to treat a girl like she is the most valuable girl in the world. To some I think it probably sounded a bit cheesy but I know deep down most girls want to find someone who treats them like that and I wanted to encourage them not to settle for anything else!

We’d love to know a bit about the people behind the site, what is it about your journey of life and faith which puts you where you are now?

Well it is just me and then my wife will comment on my spelling! I am no expert at blogging nor am I a church leader with years of church experience but when I finished Bible College in Australia I came home to England and started working for a church as youth worker. Over the last four years the youth group grew and more churches got involved. It is now called CHANGE ( and is a registered charity supported by 9 local churches. Most of my blogs are messages I have spoken at CHANGE with the intention to challenge, encourage and inspire.

Do you think it’s important for Christians to be online, and why so? What can we do, either individually or corporately?

Yeah I do. The next ten years will be even more online and if we (the church) don’t come up with more creative ways to be online and have a presence there we will be missing out big time.

How did you feel to be nominated for one of the Christian New Media Awards?

Yeah it was cool.

How did it feel to win the award for the Best Under-25 Blog (a “Bloggie)? Did you make it to the Awards event, what was your highlight of the evening?’

It was a great evening. I was really impressed with the guys that put it on. I have a lot of respect for Christian organisations that aim for a level of excellence that you would expect in the secular world. The Bloggie is cool, it is nice to have an award for something which isn’t sports related. My highlight was probably the lamb dinner and iPod touch with came with the Bloggie.

We’re working on the @bigbible project. What do you think of such a project, and how can the Bible inform what we do online. Have you seen any particular tools that you’d recommend, that help to spread its message digitally?

I have been following your tweets and like what you are doing a lot! I only really follow people on twitter who will write something which will inspire me, I am not really bothered about what people had on their toast. So being able to go on twitter and find scriptures and quotes is great. To spread the message digitally I just think we need to get it everywhere people log onto. Facebook, Twitter etc.

And finally, where do you see things going over the next few years?

Well I love writing so I will continue with that but my main passion lies with the message SAVED BY GRACE. I want to promote this message to every young person in the UK. To me this is the gospel in its most simplest but some have never heard it. Saved by Grace Clothing is going down the ministry route with the aim to do some evangelistic weekends called SBG CAMP. It’s all really exciting! Ephesians 2v8

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