Interview with Hannah from Purposeful Purity #cnmac10

Can you give us a bit of background into the project that has been nominated?  When was it established, what was the commission/what’s its overall goal?

The blog was originally set up because Bella and I felt that there was a gap in support for other young English Christian women. It was designed to be an arena in which to explore different aspects of the Christian faith, from ethics and politics to daily struggles faced by young Christians. It’s also given us a space to explore our own faith journeys, and for me to talk about whatever I want. I’m so glad we set it up! It’s been wonderfully helpful for me, and I hope it has for others, too.

What’s the best good news story that has come out of your site – what made you punch the air in joy?

Not sure I could pick one story. Every time I hear from anyone who has read our blog, I get very excited and happy, particularly when they write with messages of support and ways in which we have helped them. However, one thing that was really fantastic was having a post of mine published on Adrian Warnock’s blog. We are always looking for new ways to reach people, and that really helped.

We’d love to know a bit about the people behind the site, what is is about your journey of life and faith which puts you where you are now?

My journey of life and faith have always been intertwined. Growing up in a Christian family I was surrounded by role models, and have watched miraculous healings of my siblings as well as the love of Christ demonstrated through my parents to other people. No other human beings have been so key to my relationship with Christ. Now that I’m at Cambridge university, I’m entering a new phase of growing up, particularly in the difficulties in meeting the intellectual questions of my peers. However, I have once again been blessed by having an incredible boyfriend, whose biggest asset is loving God far more than he loves me!

Do you think it’s important for Christians to be online, and why so? What can we do, either individually or corporately?

Yes, definitely! Society is changing all the time, and so we need to change the way we reach them with the gospel. It is a timeless, freeing, humbling truth that we have been given, but one that needs to be relayed appropriately. We need to answer the questions that are being asked, not the ones we wish were being asked!

Which digital media tools do you use (either personally or for the project), and what does each do for you? Which tool would be the winner in the race for ‘most important’?

Oooh, interesting question, and not sure what to say in response! We use blogspot, which is brilliant for someone like me- someone who doesn’t understand technology, that is… I also use the camera in my *quite beautiful* apple mac laptop for vlogs, but other than that I use paper!

How did you feel to be nominated for one of the Christian New Media Awards?

Surprised, flattered, excited. And a little nervous to have people assessing my blog for winner like qualities!

How did it feel to be awarded runnerup in your category? Did you make it to the Awards event, what was your highlight of the evening?

To be perfectly honest, I was a little relieved I didn’t get winner, as I was terrified of doing an acceptance speech. But the best part of the evening was meeting so many other blog writers. Also, the food was excellent. And I managed to use all the right cutlery at the right time. Impressive for me.

We’re working on the @bigbible project. What do you think of such a project, and how can the Bible inform what we do online. Have you seen any particular tools that you’d recommend, that help to spread its message digitally?

One of the best ideas I’ve heard for getting the Bible to people. I also find audio Bibles and sermons very helpful.

And finally, where do you see things going over the next few years?

No idea. Wherever God wants things to go. I love writing, and I hope to keep doing it, but if it outstays its usefulness then I’ll move onto something else. Maybe a website, or even a book one day!

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