Mini Christmas takeover!

The Introduction bit

I’m Hels Bels or Hels_Bels_1 on Twitter.  Future famous Christian digital media artist! Protégé of Dr Bex Lewis! I’ve been pushing my way into the digital space for a little over two year properly I suppose.

What have you been doing over the last year or so?

I’m a recent graduate of  The University of Winchester where I studied Media and American studies. Since graduating I have been creating a website as a platform for blogging, making some basic YouTube videos and generally got stuck into Twitter!

What do you enjoy about social media?

What I enjoy most is the energy and creativity that comes from social media. Its a platform for all to share and interact with others and the media surroundings. I especially love how you do not have to just be limited to one form. For example, If I visit a company website today, I have certain expectations about it. I expect to see a live Twitter feed, a Facebook group, YouTube snippets of latest information or offers and general interaction with the public. The more socially aware of their public, the more likey I am to be interested in them. Online content also has its plus in that items do not have to be polished and clean cut all the time. Just take one of my videos below. Its short and sweet but I had a creative moment and went with it!

What place does the sharing of the Gospel have in the digital age?

I think it is of absolute importance to have the Gospel out there. We have in one way moved from a place where evangelism simply meant that a hotel room had a bible in the drawer and if someone stumbled upon it, great! However for such a large majority buzzing round the internet there are vast opportunities to engage with people who may have never stopped to think about the Gospel and investigate what its all about. I personally find from a Christian point of view that I am able to explore more aspects of my own faith through the digital Christian content online.

And finally, What have you done with Bex?!

Since Bex is away (or trying to get away) for a well deserved rest, I’ve been asked to key an eye on things! I hope to post lots of really relevant topics of information from trending twitter bits on faith to debates I’ve bumped into whilst roaming around online.

Stay Tuned for…

I’ve just recently joined the Mac family so I will need time to work out editing on it but I’ll whip up a nice Christmas YouTube delight soon! Also blogs posts on Eastenders! The Nativity! The Natwivity! Premier Christian Radio and much much more! Do feel free to follow me on Twitter or keep checking here on on the website as I put my Big Bible cap on!

Hels Bels

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Christian. BA Hons Graduate. Passion for all things new media. Loves being a digi disciple for Jesus