Housegroup Information for #BigRead2011

Who can use The Big Read 2011?

Any number of participants from any Christian denomination or mixture of denominations

Why use it?

As an aid to motivating church members and others to access the Bible as part of Christian discipleship, reflecting upon how the truths of the Bible impact upon everyday life.

When could it be used?

As an ecumenical or local church renewal course in a locality with five-seven weekly sessions, lasting around 90 minutes. The course is specifically designed for use over Lent 2011. Individuals can also join in online via the forum.

Where could it be used?

Physical housegroups could meet anywhere with communal spaces which allow for open discussion, including homes, community buildings, church halls or churches. Housegroups are also encouraged to take the discussions further throughout the week by joining the forum (, where others across the country (or even internationally) will be partaking in the same material. It is feasible for a ‘housegroup representative’ to partake online on behalf of the group.

If you would like to meet others to arrange a new housegroup, ask others in your church, or check out:

Who is needed to help the sessions?

A leader to co-ordinate and lead, a host if in a home. Encourage members of your groups to aid with refreshments, feedback from online discussions, read Bible readings and lead prayers as appropriate. Ask the local church leadership to promote and advertise the sessions.

What is needed to facilitate the sessions?

A projector and laptop with appropriate  amplification. If your meeting place has broadband internet, videos can be streamed from online. If not, please visit to download the MP3s/videos before the session. Ensure seating, toilet facilities and heating are adequate, appropriate refreshments, prayer requisites eg. Bible, cross, candle.

How might this be different from a regular housegroup?

Regular housegroups are anticipated to move towards building deep, open and honest relationships within a safe environment, but this takes time to build, and new housegroups, or those formed specifically for this event, may have more of a ‘discussion’ flavour to them.

Recognising that the forum specifically, and the housegroups themselves, are designed to be ecumenical in flavour, and that within the Christian church there are a variety of views and beliefs, we ask that you behave respectfully toward other Christians who may have differing opinions

What expenses are likely?

Each participant will need to purchase Lent for Everyone:Matthew, a purchase churches may choose to subsidise. Information on purchasing can be found on:  The multimedia components are all freely available, information on accessing this material can be found on: There may be expenses for photocopying, refreshments, heating, rent, etc. appropriate to local circumstances.

What else can I look out for?

Materials are in the resource section, but others may be supporting The Big Read 2011 in other ways, for example look out for material produced by @chatbible:


Please comment below if you feel this is missing information. The housegroup material has been slightly delayed, but is near completion, and sections of it will start to appear shortly!

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