3 Points to Good Housegroup Leadership

The Leader is Key

  • The leader is the key to a successful group
  • The best leader is a facilitator (i.e. helps others to speak, grow and understand)
  • The strong leader is ‘maieutic‘, from the Greek meaning ‘to serve as a midwife’

Strong Leaders Exhibit Listening and Acceptance

  • Listening doesn’t necessarily come naturally
    • It’s a skill that is developed through practice and hard work
    • Eye contact and an alert posture are helpful.
  • A leader needs to develop a capacity to hear through many wrappings & packagings.
  • Needs to be aware of possible barriers
  • A good listener
    • Guards against judgement of the speaker.
    • Demonstrate compassion rather than labelling.http://archive.bigbible.uk/wp-admin/post-new.php
    • Listens with openness
    • Listen with honesty
    • Listen with acceptance
    • Listen with interest.
  • Acceptance
    • Acceptance is like soil or agar
    • Produces the feeling ‘I’m loved and cared for’.
    • Non-acceptance too often closes people up, making them retreat, and fail to grow.

What are the symptoms of weak leadership?

  • Autocratic
    • Talks too much
    • The group, therefore, feels inhibited
  • Directionless
    • No leadership is exerted.
    • The group drifts without direction, and exhibits a sense of insecurity.

Thanks to Winchester Vinyard Church, whose notes I have access to. Please comment on this post, or, even better, comment on the forum, and add suggestions which you think would help encourage others to become good housegroup leaders.

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