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So, today, an opportunity to show how a story published by someone in the States this morning, is in front of my eyes already! I love the fact that the online world gives us so many opportunities to encourage each other… we can Tweet/Facebook someone to say that we’re thinking of them, we can blog about our day (with which others can empathise), we can comment on a post someone has written, and we can share links to interesting information.

Headline Caught My Attention

The above blog post appeared in a friends newsfeed from Facebook. As someone who struggles to take rest, and juggles a number of to-do lists, the title drew my attention. We spend so much time trying to DO things for God, sometimes we forget to just be! Me? After the euphoria of getting the housegroup materials finished this weekend, I slept for nearly 10 hours last night, and consequently the brain is a bit cloudy this morning! God can find a million different ways to put an appropriate message in front of us… and this was one of them!

Is there a challenge in here for us?

And is that challenge to rest, or to add something to one of the ‘to do’ lists? Can we look for ways to encourage each other online, to let others know that they may not be the only one struggling with things (my favourite sermons are always those in which the speaker talks about what they’ve struggled with… we’re all human, and we all do!), share stories, let others know that they’re doing a good job and the message isn’t disappearing into the ether! Use the skills that you already have, and partner with others to share. Looking at the women who are behind InCourage, we see women who have marketing experience and want to use it to inspire, those who are passionate about ‘everyday faith’, and a ‘writer committed to bring hope and encouragement to the hearts of women through words.’

Life: It’s full of opportunities, let’s not get overwhelmed by them all!

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