Matthew for Beginners?

The Big Read 2011 is largely intended as a discipleship Bible Study for those who are already Christians, and looking to engage differently with the Bible. For those who have little or no knowledge of the Christian faith Russ Gant, an ordinand at St John’s College, Durham has created ‘Meetings With Matt’, a ‘Seeker Study’.

This course has been designed for those who are ‘dipping a first toe’ into the mystical waters of the Christian faith, or for those who have recently put their faith in Christ. It assumes no prior knowledge on the behalf of those attending, but it is necessary that course leaders have  some prior biblical knowledge. More importantly, some experience of facilitating discussion in a small group setting is vital.

The course has been written to promote community and fellowship through which it is hoped that intimacy and trust will develop enabling honest discussions about key issues arising from the reading of Matthew’s Gospel.

Weekly Topicsk & Title Theme of Session Scripture Passage

  1.  “Free to Follow” All are called to follow Christ (Intro session) Matthew 9: 9-13 (Video)
  2. “Good Fruit & Doves” The character of Christ Matthew 3 (Video)
  3. “Restoration” Having faith in Christ Matthew 9: 18-26 (Video)
  4. “Cost & Reward” The cost involved in living for Christ Matthew 19: 16-30 (Video)
  5. “Decisions, Decisions” Are we prepared to accept Christ? Matthew 27: 11-26 (Video)

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