Uploading Images to @12baskets

We are working with 12baskets to promote the more creative aspects of the Big Read 2011. Certain activities in the housegroups offer the opportunity to upload materials to 12baskets, so please find instructions below:

1)      Login to http://12baskets.co.uk

2)      Read the information on : http://12baskets.co.uk/howtocontribute.

Adding a Single Image

1)      Look for ‘Account’ on the menu bar:

2)      Look for ‘upload from PC’

3)      Click on ‘Browse’ to find an image on your computer, and tick the boxes:


4)      Allow time for the image to upload, and then the following screen will come up:

5)      Before sending the image for approval

a.       Give the image a clear title

b.      Write a clear description of the image (what’s in the image, where people are, what you were trying to capture, etc.)

c.       Add tags for e.g. ‘People’, ‘Nature’, ‘Winchester’, etc.

Adding Multiple Images

1)      Go to http://12baskets.co.uk/uploader Choose Windows or Mac.

2)      Save the file, and find it amongst your downloaded items.

3)      Open the zipped file and run ‘12b-win-setup’:

4)      Unless you’ve changed the settings on the way through, the uploader should be in your Start Menu in a folder named ‘12baskets’, or may appear in one of your toolbars.

5)      You need to authorise your account:

6)      Follow the screens through until ‘Complete Authorisation’, when the following message will come up:

7)      Further confirmation will be received on your account page:

8)      The uploader will appear, as below. If you have image folders in the background, you can drag & drop images into the uploader.

9)      The next step is to add information on the images. Double-clicking on any image will take you into a screen similar to below, where you can add title, description and tags:

10)   Press ‘Next’ to move onto the next picture.

11)   Once all information is added press OK

12)   On the following screen tick the boxes, and press ‘Upload’

13)   You can check in your account to see the status of your uploaded images, which have to be approved by the 12baskets administrators:

14)   Use right-click to access more options, e.g. delete image before posting.

Download a Word document.

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