A Lent unlike any other

“As you can see below, the Twitter bird has taken up residence in my Bible. It is looking up at me with a quizzical expression as if to invite comment. It’s not the only one!

When I first became a Christian, we used to talk about the importance of having a ‘quiet time’ – just me, my Bible, my God and a quiet place. This Lent you could almost be forgiven for thinking that has gone out of fashion. Now there is chatbible, #lentread, BigBible, EasterLIVE, Big Read to name but a few of the Bible-based initiatives on offer.In addition to all that there are various gifted writers blogging their way through Lent. My quiet time just got noisy! Or did it?”

Read the full story on Richard Littledale’s ‘Preacher’s A->Z’

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