Are you going to give @chatbible a go?

The other day we told you about an opportunity to participate in #chatbible, which many people had participated in for the @natwivity (see Richard Littledale’s blog post)… and here’s the material on the @chatbible Twitterfeed:

We want to encourage you to participate in conversations, some of which may be in spaces a little outside your comfort zone (but are not outside those of many of the people you may be looking to connect with)… so you could join in on Twitter (see Bryony’s Twitter Guide), as a couple of people did the first day:

This entire Big Bible Project is one big experiment in encouraging people to engage in this ‘brave new world’ online, and chatbible is another experiment for us… Yesterday, we had no responses, so what are we going to try now to get people involved in something that is so simple. Social media is not a magic bullet… trial and error are required, and a lot of input/time/persistence from those organising the material to start things going…

Today, Richard & I have participated to give you some examples, and we hope that you’ll respond – whether as a blog comment, a Facebook comment, a Tweet (use hashtag #lentread or #bigread2011), in the forum, or even make us an audio/video response!!

So what is your #recipefordisciple?

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