The Borderless Conversation for #bigread2011 Commences @davidbunce

As we have talked about with Richard Littledale, this Lent is a real opportunity for ‘borderless conversation’ – wherever you are, whatever time of day/night it is where you are, you can join the bigger conversation, via the forum, or – as here, via a blog response:

This blog post ends:

“Get ready! Because God is doing something new and we are invited to get on board, to join in the project and to follow God where he leads us over Lent.

This post is part of an on-going series following the Big Bible‘s project of reading through Lent together. Every day (hopefully), I’ll be posting my thoughts on the passage. I invite you all to subscribe or check back daily to see what is going on – and even better, to add your own thoughts, comments and reflections below.”

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