Thank you for partaking in the first Big Bible Big Read. We’d love it if you’d come over to the forum (http://bit.ly/bbfback) and leave your feedback as to what you enjoyed, what you learnt, what you learnt, what you felt worked, and suggestions you’d have for another time.

If this was your first house group, we’d encourage you to continue, and we hope and pray that this has helped you get into the habit of more regular Bible reading, and see it’s applicability in everyday life… and maybe even challenged you to attempt something new online.

The Big Read 2011 stops here, but The Big Bible project doesn’t. We’re keen to hear stories of how digital media is being positively used in the Christian sector, especially of the ‘smaller things’, how you’ve given something a go, and what you learnt from it (whether you continued using it or not). We’ll be looking out for more positive stories and possible Bible studies for you, in the meantime check out sites such as:

which already produce great Bible study materials that are available online.

What next could we build a conversation around: another book? A set of films? The creation of another resource? Please continue to use the forum, but also consider the other forums that we’ve highlighted (at the base of the forum). We’d love to have built a ‘small group finder’ but that’s a project in its own right… Anyone up for it?

God bless you each and every one as you continue to reflect Him in your daily lives.


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