Manga Bible: The Easter Story

The Manga Bible author, Siku, has created an Easter edition of the Manga Bible! Download a sample here for free.

The Manga Bible which was published nearly 4 years ago has earned rave reviews and was endorsed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, who is quoted in the book’s blurb as saying: “It will convey the shock and freshness of the Bible in a unique way.”

The Manga Bible is aimed at the 15-25 age group and was mainly thought to appeal to young men with its Japanese comic book format, but Siku has heard that both grandparents and children are enjoying the book. It has sold over 30,000 copies in the UK in it’s attempt to make the gospel accessible to new readers.

Siku has kindly produced a King James Version of the Easter narrative as a free download just for Biblefresh. (23MB) For more information on the Manga Bible you can visit The Art of Siku website.

About Biblefresh

For 2011, Biblefresh became a movement of hundreds of churches, agencies, colleges, festivals and denominations to encourage people, particularly within the church, to stop viewing the Bible as a toxic text, and find new ways to engage with passion with the Bible.