#RIPJesus or #JesusDied?

Last Friday we promoted the idea that THIS Good Friday, we encourage people to tweet #RIPJesus.

I received a comment yesterday that “is the point not that He ISN’T resting in peace but is alive and well and on His way back? The hashtag is a bit off-message, no?”, the general idea was clearly liked, but “it’s just the ‘rest In peace thing. He was only dead for 2 days.” “seems a bit – final, really. Could equally use jesusisdead/jesushasrisen or something.”

This is a test PollDaddy account, so I can only take 100 answers!

That does also bring us to the question of what we should be tweeting on Sunday. #HeIsRisen is already a regular hashtag, but to fit with the earlier idea, I’d suggest #JesusisRisen.

<edit, Thursday>

After the comments, I would suggest:

  • #JesusDied on Friday morning
  • #ItIsfinished at 1500 GMT on Friday
  • #HeIsRisen for Sunday


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