Just wanted to share a small idea with you that I thought could make an interesting little social media ripple, and maybe put Easter on the radar of people who it might normally pass by.

The super-short version of the idea is this: loads of people write #RIPJesus on Twitter.

Twitter trending topics (UK) from Roo Reynolds on Flickr

In case that seems a bit random, let me quickly backfill a bit of rationale here:

  1. Twitter has huge numbers of users. The dream ticket to reach those users is to get a ‘trending topic‘.
  2. A recent-ish trend in what makes it on to the list of Twitter’s trending topics is people sharing news of celebrity deaths.  These are invariably revealed to be hoaxes – basically, Twitter users have a penchant for writing ‘RIP <name>’ before later revealing ‘not really (lol)’ (see, for example, http://ibnlive.in.com/photogallery/3637.html)
  3. This seems to me to open up a perfect opportunity for a light-hearted, but still kinda profound, nod to the Easter story; so, on Good Friday, Jesus dies – ‘#RIPJesus’.  Then comes Easter Sunday and – ‘oh, wait…’
    I think that has a chance of being the kind of thing people pick up and could trigger some interesting conversations, at any rate.
  4. Which brings us back to the original idea: this has to get started somewhere; someone’s gotta do the tweeting.  Anyone fancy joining me in saying #RIPJesus next week?

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