2-3 minutes of your time please: The #bigread2011 survey

Do you have 2-3 minutes to spare?

We have a meeting with a small number of interested parties on 7th June to discuss what worked well, and what could be improved upon with The Big Read 2011, and the direction that The Big Bible Project can take now that it’s been in existence for nearly a year.

We are keen to gain wider input (that is the nature of social media after all). Encourage us as to what you enjoyed, and would like to see more of next year. Let us know what you think didn’t work quite as well, and if you have any suggestions for change, we’re keen to hear those too. If your answers don’t fit in the survey, please feel free to comment below (we’ve had several comments already, and those are making their way into a discussion document for the meeting) or email bex.lewis[at]durham.ac.uk.

With thank to Kevin Bennett, Marketing Manager at Premier Radio, who has turned our questions into an easy electronic survey, which should only take a couple of minutes to complete.

Take the survey!

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