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Kelsey Kilgore writes the blog Holy Mama, and she was interviewed by Internet Evangelism Day. It’s just the kind of story we’d love to see on here… being a 24/7 Christian, online AND offline:

I write from a Christian worldview, but my site isn’t one of those geared for other Christians. Christ is in me, and is a large part of my life, and so there’s plenty of ‘God stuff’ mentioned and implied in my writing – but it’s not preachy, devotional, or inspirational in nature. It’s really sort of silly, fun, and honest. It’s just life as a Christian mom…

I’m referring to Matthew 5:13 there, which also cautions against losing one’s ‘saltiness’. Sure, that’s a risk if you’re out in the world. But one worth taking, in order to win others into the Kingdom. I receive the occasional comment or email similar to: “I can’t believe this is a Christian site. I like you!” Great! I can relate to non-believers, and still be recognized as the salty gal I am. A surprise that came with this blog was how quickly it turned evangelistic. Or, covertly evangelistic, rather, since the blog itself hasn’t changed at all. What has changed, is how people respond to it. It’s a small, new blog, without a lot of traffic. And yet, people are finding it, reading it, and deciding they ‘know me’ well enough to start an email conversation about salvation. I’m astounded at the honor that is!
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