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Recently, the project manager for BigBible, Dr Bex Lewis, drew together a group of people for a major review of the first 12 months of the BigBible project. The discussion focused around what appeared to have worked in the previous twelve months, whether the ‘proof of context’ had ‘proved’, and where the focus (after such an experimental year) would be to ensure that we produce content of value, are not trying to re-invent the wheel, are have a care for those working on the project that the project is manageable. We produced the following document:

This paper sets out the decisions made by the project team flowing out of that meeting but also in accord with the keys aims and directives of the CODEC research initiative. The key aim of the website will be to draw people into deeper engagement with the Bible, especially, but not exclusively, through the use of social media.  We will work with partners to achieve this aim. We want to offer those who engage with the site a progressive journey through four distinct sections:


This is where people will first engage with the site and it will offer a host of material about the Bible – events, good news stories, digital stories, explorations of the use of the Bible online and offline.  This area will be “The Mashable of the Bible”, a place to highlight and follow stories from digital sites and projects focusing upon the Bible (Mashable is the ‘first-stop site’ for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture). CODEC is already seeking to support a new part-time theological consultant to edit/curate material relating to the Bible.

The BigRead12

Encouraging ‘bigger (digital) conversations’ around Biblical Literacy, including the pioneering work of David Wood in the North Yorkshire Dales Biblical Literacy Project.  Also working with SPCK and 12Baskets, we will once again provide a Lent Resource for housegroups based on Tom Wright’s ‘Mark for Lent’.  We expect the material for Lent BigRead 2012 to be available by early January.

Digital Literacy

Since we expect both of the above projects to include elements of social media to enhance what is normally on offer to readers of the site and to enable people to use social media to engage with these projects, we will provide both a list of social media training and events in the Christian sector, as well as seeking to provide some of that training ourselves.  We will work with sites such as Digital Fingerprint and DigiMission to highlight training involved as well as CODEC’s own provision and the possible joint development with Premier of the Centre for New Media Excellence.


Living biblically in a Digital Age.  This is the culmination of the journey – from Bible engagement through to living out what we have learned from the Bible – the practical outworking of biblically-informed digital discipleship.  In this section of the site, we will follow a number of people as they consider how they live out their faith in a digital space, and how the Bible helps them with that, or how the digital faith encourages them to engage with the Bible.

The Journey

The BigBible project focuses on the journey to Biblical Literacy in the online/offline spaces. In making the site a ‘one stop’ site, we are seeking to gain an overview of the range of provision as well as working collaboratively with our funders and with other organizations, avoiding competition and enhancing existing provision wherever possible.  We expect some of our key partners to be CODEC, Bible Society, The Methodist Church, SPCK, the Church and Media Network, Biblefresh, Open Source, and MediaLit.

Pete Phillips (Director of Research, CODEC) & Bex Lewis (Project Manager, BigBible): June 2011

This material forms the basis of the About page for The Big Bible Project. Is it clear? What further clarifications would you want, what encouragements would you put forward? Please bear with us as the we work towards restructuring the site to fit this structure, and seek a redesign, and further guidelines for #digidisciple will be appearing over the next few days.

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The #BigBible Project. Educating in the digital spaces, creating 'bigger Bible conversations' between #digidisciple(s). Look out for #bigread14.