Communicating Conviction – Pete Phillips #MediaLit11

How might we communicate the gospel to the outer world …

Mr Plumpton: Disappointed

The vicar of, “disappointed” that the 18th takeaway is about to open near his church.; also see



EXERCISE: Tell a story of your holiday back-to-back. Look face to face and think about what ‘personal space’ you are comfortable being in… and think how people visiting churches might cope with that. Talking about different cultures/countries, etc. and ‘what is acceptable’.

What about ‘the peace’ and the handshake or the hug, or the “hugshake”.

Communication is not a simple thing, it’s a complicated thing to do, so we need to think about it, and who we are/where we’re from, etc.

Checking out the Church of England video:; and our thoughts on how the video had developed over time in response to critiques at the time, and what we liked, what could be improved., etc

7% the spoken word, 55% through non-verbal clues, see e.g.


We looked at to look at how the stories were told. Range of reactions to the video, genuine, culturally specific, too focused on an individual.

Praying for the safety of both teams before a football match – is this about him showing off, or is this about celebrating and sharing his faith?

What we think we’re saying, and what others hear us saying may not be the same thing.

What we say and what we think are often a mis-match too. How many people know what they believe?

Is there a ‘digital culture’ that dictates how we should communicate within it? This is still emerging, and where we’re going with #Digidisciple.

The overall message from this section s that no one way with reach everyone. In digital space there’s a need to add redundant information, or a recognition that we may see errors in our communication (none of us have perfect communication).


See Think of when you visit another area/country and how it changes when you’re abroad.

We try to negotiate with the culture in which we leave… but do we become so embedded into post-modern media culture, do you lose your saltiness…  The difference between accommodating and ‘going native’.  Can open up questions, e.g. are bread and wine fundamental to Christian life, or can we celebrate communion e.g. with rice wine/rice cakes in countries where that is more accessible.

Andrew Emison: A strategy used in digital data communications to communicate efficiently is to identify and share symbols.

How do you translate the idea of the gospel when you’re in a country which doesn’t understand the concept of ‘sheep’?

Are we now moving away in the UK from ‘embracing modern British culture’ to demonstrate our ‘difference’.

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