Communicating Conviction 2 Pete Phillips #MediaLit11

Did Jesus ‘go native’, how do we engage with our culture?

How do we recognise the signs of burnout if we try to do everything? We have to be careful that we do not ‘go native’ to such an extent that the counter-cultural message of gospel is lost. We need a layer of difference for others to notice, otherwise we have no particular message to communicate with conviction.

Checking out @KoreUK:

If Christianity is just an academic internal process, let’s give it up, as it has no value.

Andrew Emison: “If two connected points have diff voltages, a current flows. If we are in the world, but not of the world, the gospel msg flows”.

It’s possible to end up with a practical Christianity which makes no difference to the world around it. Are we trying so hard to be accessible that we’re losing our distinctiveness?

The video from KoreUK is a parable. Parables don’t just make a point but draw us into conversation.

Some books worth reading:

  • Shane Hipps: Flickering Pixels
  • Marshall McLuhan – still of interest to those working in the media sector. Decide the message, then you can find a medium that will help you tell it.

We finished with an emphasis on ensuring that you know your own story (how could you sum it up in the smallest number of words/pictures and still be meaningful), and learn to tell it with conviction (as Arun had encouraged us), and with a discussion of where the Big Bible Project is going, and a discussion of some other stories we’d like to see from the new #Digidisciple initiative.

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