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Thinking Digital is

Thinking Digital is a conference that brings together the world’s most innovative ideas, technologies and people. Whether it’s digital media, science, art or music, if it’s cutting edge, it’ll be right at home at the Thinking Digital conference.

We scour the globe to bring the world’s greatest minds to North East England, so that they can share their passions and enthusiasms with you. We want to create new thinking, debate and ideas for future innovation in our lives both at home and at work .

We want you to participate in the experience, be part of the community, laugh, learn, and be inspired

The conference trended twice in the UK on Twitter over the 2.5 day event, particularly noticeable when the hurdy gurdy arrived, and when the robot started to talk/dance! Nearly 10,000 tweets were posted from the event, and can be seen on Twapperkeeper.


You can find more boos tagged with #tdc11 here and here. For those of you of a visual turn of mind, the last three year’s videos are here, so the law of probabilities indicates that this year’s talks should be up before too long… definitely worth watching! The event could be described as rather ‘brain melting’, but excellently organised, great opportunities to interact, and plenty of tasty food… after having discussions re: Open Source earlier this week, I can see that #OpenSource11 could be working towards similar things with an eye to theology!!


Bex plans to write more on Thinking Digital at Digital Fingerprint… when she finds a few spare minutes!

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