How do we tell our story? Anna Drew & Arun Arora #MediaLit11 the Teddington #Biblemarathon, we returned for a discussion of ‘Pioneer Ministry’, at which we watched a couple of videos from Fresh Expressions, including Zac’s Place, and Grafted.

Can’t just say “it’s because the Bible says so”, as many don’t believe our Bible.

How do you live out your faith, start a brand new church without a support liturgy?

It’s not revolutionary? It’s not about social media, but telling the story of Facebook is as central as face to face. What about dealing with if a call for suicide on Facebook.. Facebook gives some provision to respond, but it’s also about the face-to-face meetings alongside.

We then spent most of the session sharing “our stories” with each other, each of us with a unique, different stories. What stories are we prepared to release? How do we learn to tell our own story? People cannot deny it’s authenticity.

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