If you took Facebook and Twitter into the offline world…. #medialit11

At the end of #MediaLit11, I checked back over some of the materials that people had posted, and came across these videos that Pete had posted. This video from the English National Orchestra is interesting, as it purports to show us the “dangers” of living out lives online. Now, however many times I may say “online/offline are two halves of the same coin”, that doesn’t mean that you behave in the two spaces (environment/culture, whatever the semantics!) exactly alike! Interestingly, in this video, he is approaching complete strangers and asking to be their friend/showing them photos/liking random things. Funny as this is, Facebook is really about connecting with friends that you already have (some restrict this to those they see regularly, some to those they have met in the flesh, and others to those they feel they have got to know in other online platforms), and so much of this doesn’t apply.

In the second half of the video, the actor decides to literally ‘Follow’ people as he would on Twitter, but again, I would take issue with this as on Twitter I don’t ‘follow’ anyone in that much detail. I treat Twitter very much like a running stream and I see bits of people’s lives, and my eyes will catch the words that are interesting to me! This video (a site that Pete warns us is not family-friendly, but the video is fine!) is much older: Again, I’m known to say “don’t say anything online you wouldn’t be prepared to say face-to-face/have on the front page of a newspaper”, but again, Twitter is a different environment and we don’t all go around shouting things out loud. I think people may still behave like the video when first on Twitter, but most of us have had time to learn better Twitter etiquette!

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