Being real #digidisciple

I have spent the last week on retreat before my ordination into the church.  The week has been good and given me time to reflect a bit and write this post along with others.  One of the things that has struck me this week came during a session titled Being Real which looked at the many facets of who we are, all of which are important and equally valid.

As I thought through some of the old and new facets to who I am; husband, dad, friend, and uncle, I began to think about other ways people know me, especially online.  I’m @phoce, @digimission and at times @mandsmethodists.  I have a flickr account, a facebook profile, numerous blogs and probably some bits I have forgotten and through each of these people know me in a slightly different way and all are equally real and valid.

At the retreat it was pointed out that Jesus was known in different ways by his family, by Peter, James and John, by the rest of the 12, by the 72, by the religious orders and by the people who came to hear him and be healed.  Jesus even refers to himself in different ways drawing out different bits of who he is.  All of them are real and all are important and valid.  He is the bread, the light, the gate, the good shepherd, the resurrection, the way, the truth, the life and the vine.

It struck me in this session the importance of regarding all of my different facets as important and as equally real as the next and it struck me that as a #digidisciple it is important to include my online profiles and usernames in this as well.

They are just as much a part of who I am and it’s just as important to maintain the relationship built up through them, to nurture them and to value them. Just because I haven’t met some of my twitter followers doesn’t mean I shouldn’t pray for their needs, help them out where I can and encourage them if they need it.  As a #digidisciple I should seek to live as a light to them just as much as the people in my congregation or those I play a game of football with.

#digidiscipleship when taken seriously and as real as the people you see face to face is a great thing and I hope as I count it as that I am sure it will bless me and surprise me more and more.


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I'm a church leader, artist, blogger and visionary. I run Digital Mission which seeks to help the church engage with the digital age and when I have some spare time I enjoy a game of football.