Bryony’s (@vahva) at the helm for @bigbible #digidisciple

Bryony Taylor

Dear all

With Pete Phillips on holiday (although I’m sure the words ‘Bible Study teaching’ came into that holiday!), and me (Bex) currently signed off work, and due to disappear to Malta soon,  the lovely Bryony has agreed to step in and continue nurturing @bigbible and #digidisciple until I return 16th August.

She will have access to my emails, the website admin, Twitter and Facebook admin.

If you have said you’ll be a #digidisciple but not yet given us a date/frequency/title, etc., please do check and see where you fit in (we’re happy with people addressing similar topics, as I think we’ll find different perspectives).

If you’ve accessed me via personal Twitter, Facebook, etc. I will forward to Bryony or respond.

God Bless you all and I look forward to dipping in!



Hi, Bryony here, if you’re a #digidisciple and need to get in touch, feel free to tweet or email me!  Thanks.



About bigbible

The #BigBible Project. Educating in the digital spaces, creating 'bigger Bible conversations' between #digidisciple(s). Look out for #bigread14.