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Please pray for today, as I head back into London, to my hotdesking hotspot at Premier Radio. As Richard Littledale notes in his tale of Uriah Tweep, those of us working in the digital sector need prayer supporters. Today, I will seek to clear an email backlog, complete setting up the new structure of the website, and prepare the logistics for #digidisciple. I particularly want to get the tone of ‘write for #digidisciple‘ right, and need to decide whether we need to have a 4 week delay on articles, or whether we seek direct cross-posting.

Richard Littledale who is a constant inspiration noted the other day how he’d been inspired by a conference on the other side of the world, whereas a number of us have been able to follow the annual Methodist Conference in Southport (continues til Thursday).

Catching up with @pmphillips at #methconf

Look at how a few people ‘on the outside’ are talking about it:

@mendipnomad – a trainee Methodist minister in Cambridge (who might be less anonymous to keep in line with Methodism’s social media guidelines???) says inter alia:

It has been interesting watching. Even better than that, though, it has shown up the wonder of social media, Twitter in particular. Recently I was involved, by email, in a conversation about Twitter, in which some people indicated that they didn’t ‘get’ Twitter. I use Twitter quite a bit, and I can admit that sometimes the stuff I write is stuff no-one in their right mind should be interested in. But today was one of those times when Twitter showed its real value. Using the live-feed page and the #methconf hashtag feed I was able to join in relevant, real-time conversations with folk both at and away from the Conference about matters that are important to Methodists, the wider church, and the world. Because of the way Twitter works that interconnectedness will continue well beyond Conference as those of us who converse follow one another. Today my “Follow” list increased noticeably, and I tried to follow back as much as possible. This is not me massaging my ego (well, not in any major way). Rather, it is an indication of a way in which modern social media can be seen to be a new way of us being connected with one another.

Simon Sutcliffe’s blog (@vfxhanleytalks in this way

Some might call me sad – but I have been watching the Methodist Conference Live Stream today and will again tomorrow and Wednesday (Thursday I will be there to lead opening devotions). I guess much of my interest in the proceedings comes from the fact that I have journeyed with the issues and papers that are coming to conference 2011 for two years now with my time on Methodist Council. But, and keep this under your hat, even though I am a ‘yee-har-ing’ pioneer (slap thigh) I still love the Methodist Church. Watching it on the interweb enables me to get tea ready and the washing up done whilst listening to the relaxing tones of the President Leo Osborne and Vice – President Ruth Pickles!

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