The YouTube Bible

All 1,189 chapter of the Bible to be read out aloud by the masses for the masses. Boris Johnson, John Bercow, Richard Dawkins and The Prince of Wales have all contributed and so can you! Find out how.

Have you ever used any of these common phrases?

“From strength to strength”

“Twinkling of an eye”

“Broken hearted”

“A fly in the ointment”

“Apple of his eye”

Are you aware that they are all direct quotes from the King James Bible?

The King James Bible Trust aims to raise awareness of the Bible as a literary masterpiece by promoting the KJB’s 17th century text, which was written specifically to be read aloud, on a 21st century digital platform, the YouTube Bible; a video clip for each chapter of the KJB, uploaded to

Her Majesty The Queen, Melvyn Bragg, the Archbishop of Canterbury and James Naughtie have all spoken of this year’s 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible, possibly the best selling book of all time, with over one billion copies printed since it was first published under King James I in 1611. Former Poet Laureate Sir Andrew Motion said, “The King James Bible is a cornerstone of our culture and our language. Whatever our faith, whatever we believe, we have to recognise that the rhetorical power of this book connects at the most fundamental level with our own history and poetry.”

This is where YOU can play an important role.

The aim is to complete the YouTube Bible by the end of 2011, as a lasting legacy of this tremendously influential work for posterity. They want all 1,189 chapters of the Bible to be read out aloud by the masses for the masses. This is how the 54 Translators back in 1611 intended their work to be used, reading its poetic cadences, rhythms and memorable phrases out aloud, for all to hear and relish.

Contributions have included Boris Johnson, John Bercow, Richard Dawkins and HRH The Prince of Wales but anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to join this project celebrating the King James Bible.

Visit the website to see just how easy it is to choose, record and upload your chapter as creatively as you wish!

Post taken from the Biblefresh site.

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