What’s so special about the Bible?

Calling all school teachers! Are you looking for fresh ways to engage children with the Bible? Check out these great resources and opportunities from Barnabas in Schools.

Barnabas in Schools believes that the 2011 anniversary of the KJV publication is a unique opportunity for children to revisit the widespread impact of the Bible on life in the UK. The Bible’s significant contribution in the fields of literature, art, music, politics, education, morals and UK law amounts to a very compelling educational reason for exploring and celebrating its importance!

The Barnabas in Schools team is offering a range of opportunities for primary schools to make the Bible a specific learning focus from within the RE syllabus for the whole curriculum.

This includes:

  • Barnabas INSET sessions for primary school teachers that will look at what sort of book the Bible is and ways to use the Bible creatively in the classroom
  • Special interactive Barnabas RE Days for children using a range of creative arts that will explore the Christian’s Special Book and publication of a set of resources
  • The above includes a book entitled The People’s Bible a handbook for teachers (as well as a DVD) that will provide lesson outlines, ideas for collective worship and project material.
  • Links to ideas

NB A copy of The People’s Bible and the What’s so special about the Bible? DVD will be given to every delegate attending the INSET and to every school booking the Barnabas RE Day.

About Biblefresh

For 2011, Biblefresh became a movement of hundreds of churches, agencies, colleges, festivals and denominations to encourage people, particularly within the church, to stop viewing the Bible as a toxic text, and find new ways to engage with passion with the Bible.