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We’ve let you know who’s been shortlisted for the People’s Choice Award for #cnmac11, and we’ve asked all the nominees to give us information on the story behind the site. Here’s the response from

A Day in God’s Will (ADIGW) was created by our Chief writer Remi Banjo in 2004 during a period of fasting and prayer at NewWine Church, London.  The ministry started with the simple aim of encouraging her then team with daily emails to stay focused and resilient to make it to the end of the fasting period.

During that period and a short time thereafter, she realised from the feedback and conviction that encouraging and inspiring her fellow brothers and sisters was part of her mandate.  So she went on from emails to MSN platform, to MySpace, to Blogger Blog and finally resting where it is now to continue to encourage and inspire people.

Now, almost 8 years down the line, the ministry of encouragement that is A Day in God’s Will has developed with a fully functional team. The vision of encouragement is still the same and the team work together to bring uplifting and inspiring articles that will encourage, uplift, inspire and challenge our readers to live out their lives within the intricacies of God’s will.


ADIGW aims to encourage, uplift and inspire with the truth which is the word of God with one voice in a clear, relevant, accurate and presentable way. We are passionate about breaking the barriers to the understanding and communication of God’s Word and stripping away the stigma attached to the application of biblical principles by presenting biblical truth in a way that is easily understandable and practically applicable to everyday life.   A Day in God’s Will is a great place to come and be encouraged, uplifted and be inspired to be everything God has created you to be.

A Day in God’s Will is made up of 5 areas: 

  1. Encouraging Articles: Daily in God’s Will – This is where we encourage our readers through different topics and issues, applying the fundamental principles of the Word of God.
  2. Health and Fitness: His Fit Temple – we believe that we cannot feed the soul and neglect the body. The body is the vehicle that will be used to deliver the message and that God gives us. Thus we aim to encourage people to engage in activities that will enable them to look after their body, the temple of God.
  3. Book club: Page A Day – this section encourages people to engage in the pleasant act of reading to acquire wisdom and understanding.
  4. Poetry: Poems
  5. BSL: British Sign Language translation – this is a new aspect of our ministry and it is currently being developed.  We believe that the Word of God should be free for all. We have been blessed to be able to translate some of our articles into BSL, thus blessing the hearing-impaired.


Our readers have been positive about us being nominated and will be pleased for us to win. We have received various messages like “One going up for you” and “Congratulations!” We are very happy with the support from the public.

We have been told time and time again how inspiring and uplifting ADIGW has been to many lives. We have received numerous emails and text messages on the impact of particular articles. We have had testimonies where lives have been touched and completely changed around simply because we wrote an article and posted it online.  This to us is what it is all about and we are truly thankful for it. It reminds us of the calling that we have embraced and challenges us never to take it lightly for there is at least one person whose life depends on the words printed on each web page.

We have also been told by our readers that they especially like our yearly Thanksgiving and Praise count-down. We end each year with Thanksgiving and Praise, posting daily ‘Thank You’ notes and encouraging everyone to appreciate God’s guidance through another year.

ADIGW lives up to its name – taking one step at a time to experience and live out the intricacies of each day whilst making God famous along the way!


It is a great joy to be nominated for the Premier Christian New Media Award 2011. Whilst we don’t do what we do for human accolades, one cannot deny the satisfaction that comes from recognition.  We are very grateful to God and to our readers and followers who have been blessed by our encouraging articles over the years. It has encouraged us and a confirmation that we are indeed on the right track by God’s special grace.  To win the award will be indescribable.  We know that God has a special plan to take this ministry to the Zenith.

It is our hope that we will continue to charge ourselves as a team to encourage, uplift and inspire people as long as the Lord gives us the ability and opportunity to in Jesus name.

Much Love,
Be Uplifted and Inspired
A Day in God’s Will Team

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