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Church of England Communications Training

We’re keen to advertise opportunities to engage with social media, whether through workshops, courses, talks, and Social Media Surgeries. Let bex.lewis[@] know if you have events which would be of value to our readership. Below are some great value courses provided by the Church of England Communications Office.

Social Media for the Scared

Do you want to use social media to interact with your community, but have no idea how to do it? This half day course will give you the confidence and skills to get started. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss some of the fears you may have about using social media, and study examples of church or charity projects where these tools have been used successfully.

Next couse: 20 September 2011 10am-1pm. Read more & book here.

Social Media Strategies

Are you already using social media? This half day workshop will allow you to develop your social media strategy, by giving you time to think about what you want to achieve and information on the advanced features of each tool. The session will include time to discuss your experience with social media with others in a small group context.

Next course: 20 September 2011 2pm-5pm. Read more and book here.

Engaging with the Twittersphere

Do you understand what Twitter is all about, and what it’s capable of? This half day practical workshop will give you insight into how Twitter can help you build relationships, both locally and further afield. Come and learn the tools and etiquette that you need to tweet effectively.

Next course. 8 November 2011. 2pm-5pm. Read more and book here.

Your Trainer: Dr Bex Lewis

A communications historian who built her first website in 1997 and blogged her way around the world in 2007. She works for the University of Winchester promoting e-learning, and manages the Big Bible Project for the University of Durham. She loves encouraging Christians and churches to engage in the digital world.


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