Free – Refreshing Preaching E-book

What does preaching need to look like in our multicultural, digital, image-soaked, biblically illiterate, global age? Does preaching need a refresh to be refreshing? We asked a wide variety of preachers and teachers to share their insights with us.

We wanted some blue sky thinking, we wanted some nuggets of wisdom and we wanted a provocative kick into the future. We got all three.

In this eBook you will see how our contributors answered the call for one piece of advice for the next generation of preachers emerging in the UK. We discover their central passion, bugbears, and wisdom that they can pass on. This compilation is the start of a conversation as part of the Biblefresh initiative. We would like you to read, reflect and comment on the Biblefresh website. But we would also like you to take up the mantle to “preach the Word, in season and out of season,” and to equip younger faithful preachers to hold out the Word of life.

Please download this free e-book which features articles from a wide variety of respected Bible teachers, thinkers and preachers.

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About Biblefresh

For 2011, Biblefresh became a movement of hundreds of churches, agencies, colleges, festivals and denominations to encourage people, particularly within the church, to stop viewing the Bible as a toxic text, and find new ways to engage with passion with the Bible.