There is one word that is destined to force its hearers to break out into a cold sweat and to run in exactly the opposite direction.

One word that has inspired thousands, and yet offended thousands more.

One word that encapsulates a message of hope , and yet is often seen to be a message of condemnation and judgement.


Today, the Methodist Church launches the ‘Tell Show Be’ campaign to help dispel the myths and to challenge people to rethink what it means to tell somebody, show someboday and be somebody.

  • The word?  Evangelism.
  • The campaign – below.

TELL.SHOW.BE. – English from Tell.Show.Be on Vimeo.

The tell show be website includes the opportunity to download the video, to watch the animation in Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese and Welsh, and to respond via Twitter and Facebook.  Access the website, be inspired, and live out today evangelistically, offering good news to people through what you say, what you do and where you choose to be.

  • Tell somebody.
  • Show somebody.
  • Be somebody.
As #digidisciple(s), how will you choose to use this?

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