Capture the moment at CNMAC11

The Christian New Media conference is designed for three aims: To Inspire, Equip and connect. I was able to engage with others and learn how to be Godly online, so what encouraged me to be inspired? Well armed with my flip video camera I turned from absorbed attendee to an excited extrovert ready to uncover people’s highlights of the day.

With a buzz about the whole day it was a wonderful memory of the occasion but also enabled me to host conversations and link up more faces with Twitter names! With the speed of the day on fast, I was pleased to have my flip video that captures quickly at the click of a red button into snappy HD video! I simply weaved my way around the coffee break floor, asking people whether they would feel happy to state their Twitter name and their highlight of the day. Easy! People were enthused by the seminars and chatty from them.

Then from the day I took all my clips, popped them onto a video editing piece of software (iMovie in my case) and uploaded onto YouTube.The ease of this was great and the result was wonderful to see people sharing it with those who may not have been able to attend, that gives an authentic flavour of the day. It also allowed Twitter to come to the forefront with everyone I spoke to had an account ! Even as I cringe at the background noise and sometimes scruffy transitions, I tell myself that firstly it is not always about the neatness that makes a good video and secondly that maybe next year I can borrow a proper camera and make an official video for the conference!

Here are the links to mine and Jonny’s videos from the day.

Blogs from the conference were also made with brilliant roundings up of the day and their highlights. They are great too for further in-depth thinking on the ideas and themes presented throughout the day. I’ve shared some links below but more can be found through the Twitter hashtag #cnmac11.

Flock,herd or Swarm?

Conference report

Musings of a conference

i benedictines

Following the Tweet feed from near and far

Building a following on Twitter from cnmac11

Alice goes back to Wonderland Christian New Media

Audio Boo was also a great tool for the day, as Dr Bex Lewis was using. This is a iphone app that records interviews and uploads them to their site. Then you simply connect it to Twitter to share away! Here is the link to ones taken on the day!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you all there next year at CNMAC12 !!

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