Torch Trust Highlights ‘Web-Sight Loss’ #cnmac11

Leigh Road Baptist Church site wins  Accessibility Award 2011

With the adoption of new technology by churches and Christian organisations, blind and partially sighted  people are facing an additional struggle; a term Dr Mike Townsend from Torch Trust has termed Web-sight loss’.

Dr Townsend judged the Accessibility Award category of the Premier Christian Medias 5th Annual Christian New Media Awards (CNMAs) which recognised websites that delivered an exemplary commitment to accessibility.

Presenting the Award, accompanied by his guide dog, Tom, he said,

Jesus was a great communicator. He communicated with all kinds of people. My judging was an interesting journey. But, some of my journeys couldnt even get started. A real case web-sight loss!

He continued,

The Leigh Road Baptist Church  website was excellent. I really know whats going on. It almost makes me want to move to Leigh-on-sea!

Commenting on the awards, Dr Gordon Temple, Chief Executive of Torch Trust questions whether the Church is grasping the concept of accessibility, pressing that it ought to be second nature to do so.

He said,

The gospel is inclusive Jesus was inclusive, and went out of his way to include people with disabilities. Were supporting this Award because its important that web and media resources are accessible to all. It should be the norm for the Christian church; a Gospel for all, and a heart for all because we dont want to see anyone left out.

David Elcock, Community Worker for Leigh Road Baptist Church commented on the award,

We worked with to create our site which launched in April of this year. ECRU and LRBC believe the right site is crucial in encouraging people to interact with the church, and were rigorous in their approach to accommodating the real-world needs of people with disabilities.

The evening, was hosted by Premier Christian Radio Presenter, Maria Rodrigues-Toth and Dr. Krish Kandiah,  Executive Director: Churches in Mission and England Director for the UK Evangelical Alliance.

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