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Welcome back to the world of blogblunders,

I hope that you found the previous post on #3goodthings beneficial and it may have added to your thinking about how we as followers of Jesus can stay thankful in a digital world.

This month, I thought we’d start a little different and start with two questions.

How purposeful are we with our digital lives? And should we be?

I’m coming to the conclusion it may be of great use.

From reading the Gospels it seems to me that whether it was discipleship or healing, fasting or celebrating Jesus was always very direct, purposeful and structured in all that he did. I believe that we as followers of Jesus should be the same in our lives, including our use of social media.

Tweet of a different drum

As followers of Jesus, we want to show the world that we are operating under a different set of priorities. That we follow a different drum beat.

I sure it is well known but it may bear repeating, by participating in hashtags we are joining in various communities around the world. We are entering into an ongoing narrative. We are joining our God fused stories into a wider community. As we orientate our lives around Jesus, we share our adventures with those around us.

From December, I have decided that alongside the regular daily tweets and the regular evening #3goodthings I would have at least one tweet joining in with others on a specific theme.

Here is my proposed pattern and a little explanation of why I am joining in on each one;


Often Mondays can be the worst day of the week for many. There is already a hashtag that is trying to change this. The idea is that you choose three people that you follow and encourage them. Then in return they do the same for three other people. Could we start our Mondays by encouraging some friends by letting them know were praying for them, blessing them, and standing in the gap for them?


As it says on the tin! Several blogs that I follow have made Tuesday a regular time to blog and list ten things they are thankful for.


Wednesday is often the day in many denominations for prayer gatherings. Going back centuries, people have reserved Wednesday to fast and pray. Perhaps you may like to join me in setting aside sometime on Wednesday to pray for a nation, a situation that is close to you, a charity you sponsor etc.


My wife and I have just undertaken a ten part blog series on the musical RENT and intend on taking part in the wider Theatre Thursday hastag to a) increase awareness of our of our passions – the theatre and b) to use the vehicle of a musical to discuss discipleship, community, the love of Jesus and what it all means. You can read more on this here.

#FF (Follow Friday)

This one is pretty much standard across twitter. Can we be intentional in our follow recommends?


Working for a church means that I take my Sabbath on a different day, usually Saturday. I’m trying to show the importance of rest and spending time doing other things.


A borrow from Sky Sports, but often Sunday’s are the day that can lose its purpose. People can quickly get work despair as the afternoon draws in. Can we put the super back into Sunday – can we use our tweets to encourage each other?

Constructing a Rhythm

This is just one idea through the medium of twitter to construct a digital rhythm. I hope that this will help me to build a daily digital rhythm that will shape my prayers, keep me mindful of Jesus and spur me to share my story with those in the communities I’m a part of.

I believe that it will keep a natural purpose to my tweeting and underpin my tweets with the work of the Holy Spirit.

Over to you,

  • How could you construct/develop your digital life to have a rhythm?
  • How might we do it with our blogs, Facebook and Google+?
  • Would it be appropriate to add your local town/cities hashtag in your tweets?

Let me know your thoughts and let me know if you have any other suggestions of hastags that we can join you in.

Be blessed in all you do and may the glory go to Jesus!

About mrblunders

Steve Blundell (@MrBlunders) works part time for Living Stones Community Church, Eastbourne and part time as a guitar/music teacher. He reads and blogs quite a bit. Steve loves liturgy, the church, prayer and coffee. He is married to Susie and they have two sons. www.echoingjesus.com