A fortnight of #digidisciple posts: Round-Up December (part 2)

So, here we are, about to go into 2012… what did we look at in the last couple of weeks of 2011? As I write this, #diditin2011 is trending… what did you do, and what are you hopes and dreams for 2012 (#HD12)?



Christmas unsurprisingly features in the bulk of posts, in a range of different ways.

The Church Online

We still had a number of posts not related specifically to Christmas:

  • Kneewax was very convincing in his argument for churches that “A website is not an nice added extra, it is increasingly your ‘shop window’ for the world” … but that churches shouldn’t stop there. Social Media is now a common language of the world that we also should be speaking.
  • The Church Sofa considered whether as churches we’re running round like the pre-Christmas crowds, trying to find the ‘latest thing’ to use for communication, and not knowing whether it’s what we really want!
  • Thomas Mathie considered the pros and cons of his church taking wifi live for all, and encouraged us all to consider how/when/where we take time out from our digital tools.
  • James Robinson looked at the range of projects that he’d been involved in collaboratively over 2011, and came away very encouraged! Pam Webster was also encouraged by the way that Twitter has allowed ‘instant’ theological discussions from a wide range of opinions.
  • Will Grady got plenty of comment going with his post on ‘Extended Communion on Social Media’… which was not so much the hotly contested debate about the possibility of the ‘virtual communion’, but a plea to think about those who are unable to use social media (not those who have chosen not to), and therefore may feel excluded, in the same way as there may be those (e.g. with a violent husband) who are unable to get to church for communion, so church comes to them… what does the equivalent of that look like for our use of Twitter and Facebook? How do we come to those who can’t use it?

The Bible

The #BigRead12

  • We got 7 great people to agree to provide a ‘reflection’ to go alongside Tom Wright’s thinking, providing conversation starters for house groups: John Pantry, Brian Draper, Bridgette Tetteh, Krish Kandiah, Katei Kirby, Vicky Beeching and Eunice Obianagha. 
  • Printed publicity will be available from 6th January 2012.

If you missed the previous round-ups

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