Carols from your sofa!

Hey everybody. Thought it would be great to make sure Online Carols got as much coverage as possible so I thought I’d add my thoughts to the days festivities ! What a joy it has been to click and explore everyone’s personal digital take on the 9 lessons of carols. From 2pm this Christmas eve, a new link has appeared on Twitter (@onlinecarols) , Facebook ( and on the Posterous website ! Each gave a lovely personal feel to the Christmas story, whether read, shown or explored through song. Below is a small audio boo on my thoughts.



Online Carols

Its great to see how creative people got and has made for me at least, this a very special Christmas. Many Thanks should go to all those who took part but particular thanks to Bryony (@vahva) who organised the whole thing and made it run like clock work! Do make sure to share the links from Online Carols to others on facebook and get the real meaning of Christmas out there! God Bless and Merry Christmas! From Hels Bels x





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