The #BigRead12 : Reflectors

We have our confirmations of those who are going to reflect upon the Bible readings for #bigread12, to offer a different perspective alongside Tom Wright, and encouraging us to get the discussions going.

Last year we had a great range of reflectors, this year we’ve got an even more exciting lineup, as follows:

Week 1: Preparation

Bible Reading: Mark 1: 1-20 

Reflection: John Pantry (Premier Radio)

Week 2: Echoes

Bible Reading: Mark 4: 35-41 (Psalm 65:7, 89:9, 107:29).

Reflection: Brian Draper (Echosounder)

Week 3: Expectations

Bible Reading: Mark 7: 1-16.

Reflection: Bridgette Tetteh (Premier Radio)

Week 4: Challenges

Bible Reading: Mark 8: 27-38; 9 30-37.

Reflection: Krish Kandiah (Evangelical Alliance)

Week 5: Signposts

Bible Reading: Mark 10: 46-52; 11:12-26.

Reflection: Katei Kirby (Methodist Church)

Week 6: Finale?

Bible Reading: Mark 14: 32-65. 

Reflection: Vicky Beeching (CODEC)

<edit, 31st December: Vicky Beeching has had to pull out, currently seeking a new, but just as awesome, reflector>

Week 7: Transformation

Bible Reading: Mark 16: 1-8.

Reflection: Eunice Obianagha (Share Jesus International)

What have the reflectors been asked to do?

They have been asked to provide 4-500 words and/or up to 3 minutes of audio (The Big Bible Project will ensure that it’s available in both formats) on the week’s readings/theme by 7th January 2012, so that by 10th January we can provide you with a full set  of all the housegroup materials bar Tom Wright’s videos (which should be ready by 18th January), so that you can make an informed choice. We hope that you will join us!

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