What are your #HD12? @vongrunback

When I ran a digital training day for the Diocese of Salisbury, I was excited to see a hashtag emerge by the end of the day (as a result of a ‘what’s your action?’ exercise)… that of #HD12:

Jackie is on the Ministry Team for Wareham, and for a few years they have held a ‘Watchnight Service’ on New Years Eve at which people can write on a strip of paper their hopes and dreams for the year ahead, and place those in a basket to be presented for prayer. This, as I understand it, is definitely not just about what must  be done, but what you would dream of… and as you take a step towards your dreams… see if God paves the way.


Jackie wondered if is was possible to do this on Twitter… and of course it is, so in that afternoon session we decided that #HD12 would make a great hashtag (short enough, and not in use by anyone else), and Jackie started to use it:

I was hoping to interview Jackie, but that didn’t happen in time, but I think this is such a great idea, that I want to make sure that we all know about it … it seems like the kind of hashtag that loads of people would love to get involved in for New Years Eve!

So, on Twitter, use the hashtag #HD12, or go to the Facebook page:

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