Key Matters


We all use them online! We use them on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and others social media! What are they? Words! Or more specifically, keystroke words! How are you doing in your use of words online in digital worlds? Are your actions backing up your words? Are the words you use, full of grace, uplifting, encouraging and building? Sure there are times though when you need to rebuke in love. The words you form with your keystrokes, reflect your inner attitudes, your inner thoughts and your inner being. The words you use to communicate reflect who you are. If the words you communicate are gossip, derogatory, inflaming and cursory then that reflects your inner thoughts and attitudes. How’s your use of words now?

“Control your tongue”, commands James (James 3). A person who controls their tongue can be likened to a ship with a rudder, and able to be steered to safety! An uncontrolled tongue reflects a ship that is heading into dangerous water! I guess a 21st century model for the digital disciple, could be “Control your keystrokes!” How do you think your use of keystroke words is going now?

Our words within the digital space have the power to bring life and encouragement – particularly to the lonely, disconsolate and discouraged! But they also have the power to bring gossip, malice, corruption and degradation! Or even their non-use can be a discouragement! I know that when I am in need of encouragement, it is usually those I know who would call themselves agnostic or atheist, who are usually always first to offer some form of encouragement to me – whatever social media outlet is being used.  Where are the words of my fellow believers then? As the Church, the body of believers, we are to encourage each other and use our keystrokes to communicate words of love, compassion, empathy etc. How’s your use of words going? Feeling you may need to change something?

I guess the supreme way to encourage and build each other up, is to let the Holy Spirit who lives inside you, help you to use your words for the benefit of others. Make no mistake; one of the major issues facing digital disciples is the use, abuse, misuse or lack of use, of words.  Those outside the church are looking at our use of words online, and could if they chose; use them in evidence against us. Let’s not let that happen!

Our use of words is instrumental in helping those using new media as their only means of communicating with other Christians. Imagine how your words could boost, encourage and bolster somebody who is confined to their home or isolated due to geography? Words of life to some, I would say!!

As we finish up, let me leave you with a couple of questions to ponder:

  • Q1. Are the words I use in digital space, words that heal and encourage; or are they used to hurt and damage people?
  • Q2. When I am talking with other people in digital space, is it for gossiping and malice or are they for healing, encouraging and uplifting others?

Thank you.

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