#wikipediablackout re SOPA


Twitter hasn’t blacked out, and is consequently abuzz with people talking about the Wikipedia blackout, which is in response to  potential changes in US law. The law, in brief, would make many ‘mashups’ illegal… and there’s concern that in the desire to ensure that people get appropriate credit for their work, the law would go too far in the other way. See this infographic for more.

The internet is a global medium, and of course what affects the US, is likely to affect us. As #digidisciple(s) we are keen to work within legal, ethical and moral frameworks, so how do we ensure the framework is a workable one? Do you know more, and what do you think?

P.S. In the meantime, as Twitter trends with very amusing #factswithoutwikipedia the Guardian has set up Guardianpedia!

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